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Full-Stack, App Developer & CyberSecurity Researcher

Hossain Foysal; fullstack app developer and cybersec researcher; Hossain Foysal Portfolio
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Hossain Foysal


5 years working


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Quick learner, dedicated and efficient Full-Stack, Mobile App Developer with 5+ years experience in application layer, presentation layer and database layer. Experienced in both frontend and backend technologies. Also have a wide range knowledge on website's vulnerbility, designing UI-UX of app, website and CMS like WordPress. Always learning new skills. 2022 goal is to learn Vuejs, Nodejs, Expressjs, Django framework.

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Frontend Developer






Backend Developer







Tools & other skills

Flutter (App Development)


Git & GitHub



Malware Remove

XSS Vulnerbility

SQL Injection

CSRF Vulnerbility

Linux OS

My Services

What I offer

Design, Development

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FrontEnd Design, Development

Clean & Minimal design matters. It convert your website visitors into longterm high pay clients.
In my 5 years of web designing journey I discoverd that people don't really want spend their time on an old-school website. If you want to convert them into your sales funnel you need a modern, minimal website.

Sounds good?
Let's see how I can help you to achive that

  • Highlight & Showcase your latest product or work

  • Modern, Minimal Design

  • SEO friendly, optimized content

  • Call to action section for having visitors emails and messages

  • Auto responder/mailing system for your visitors

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Design, Development

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Backend Design, Development

Now a days, everyone needs a dynamic website. From Blogsite to E-commerce every industry need a dashboard with some special functionality to manage their business.

Are you thinking the same? I got your back.
You will get...

  • Secure authentication with Login, Registration page.

  • Full control over the application. You can manage every section of your website through admin panel.

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Mobile App

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Mobile App Development

83.89% people of the world are using SmartPhone. It seems a brand is incomplete whithout a Mobile App. Moreover, you have to pay multiple times to developer for creating application because there are 2 major OS out there. Android & iOS. But NOT ANYMORE!. You will get all device compatible app from a Single Code Base. Which means you have to pay 1 developer 1 time to create 2 apps at a time. Awesome right?

Want mobile app like this? I got your back

  • Cool animation which makes your app professional.

  • Get Android & iOS application, pay once to one developer.

  • Fast, Secure Application. No compromise with Design & Security.

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#1 on Google

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Search Engine Optimization for Website.

As we move forward with our business we need people to know more about our company/brand. People should be aware about our existence. That's where SEO comes in.

Search Engine helps people to find the right info about anything. That's why you need to make your site familier with Search Engine. So that we can have more client, more revenue.

SEO helps your brand to get familier with people. SEO will drive traffic & visitors. More Visitors = Future Customer = More Revenue $$

Need a hand to get introduce your brand to the world? I am always ready to help.

  • Rank on #1 page on Google.

  • Keywords research.

  • On page SEO like Image, Content Optimization.

  • Off page SEO like creating backlinks.

  • Lightning Fast Speed, site load time under 3 second.

Need to rank and reach more people? Let's have a call

Find, Resolve

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Find, Resolve Vulnerbility of Web/App

As technology developed, we are being more vulnerable then ever before. Bad guy or Hackers can manipulate us, steal our personal/confidential data.

Do you know who is their main target? Business owner just like you. Hackers can often time plant malwares, backdoors, reverse-shell or some bad stuff that will give them access to your server, site and all the info.

That's why you need to check the vulnerbility and stop them before they does. But sometimes thing could goes wrong. That time you need someone to remove malwars or bad stuff and get your website back just like before.

Again I got you.

  • Restore your site back.

  • Find security holes like XSS, CSRF etc and remove them.

  • Remove malwares.

  • Security Audit of your website.

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My Portfolio

Recent Work

All Landing Page Tiny Project
Hossain Foysal Project; Drag and Drop Card with js

Drag & Drop Card - JS

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Projects; Landing Page TastyFood

Watch Shop - Landing Page

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Projects; Landing Page Chirstmas

Christmas - Landing Page

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Projects; Landing Page TastyFood

Tasty Food - Landing Page

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Projects; Landing Page TastyFood

eCurier - Landing Page

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Project; Modern Clock with Dark Mode

Modern Clock with Dark Mode - JS

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Project; Island Landing page gsap js

Island - Landing Page

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Project; Password Generator with js

Password Generator - JS

Live Demo
Hossain Foysal Project; JavaScript Form Validator

Form Validator - JS

Live Demo
My Client Say


Hossain Foysal Review; Hossain Foysal Fiverr Review

Jorrit Okkerman

Great communications, and proffesional delivery

Hossain Foysal Review; Hossain Foysal Fiverr Review


Hossain Foysal works very quickly. He corrected the position of my rev slider. Just be sure to message first to confirm the requirements and pricing.

Hossain Foysal Review; Hossain Foysal Fiverr Review


A very good designer, recommend.

Hossain Foysal Review; Hossain Foysal Fiverr Review

Pritom Sarkar

Great experience! talented and hardworking. THanks for your help

Hossain Foysal Review; Hossain Foysal Fiverr Review


Will definitely be coming back to work with this seller.

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